Personal Training

What We Offer

Highly personalized fitness training in a private, exclusive environment at a central location in Lausanne, Switzerland

A fully customized program adapted to your goals, needs and daily lifestyle

A fully-equipped studio for your exclusive use in private or semi-private classes

Central location
A few steps away from the Lausanne train station, it is centrally and conveniently located. Parking facilities are also provided

What our clients say

Training at FRPT brings the following benefits

Strength & Endurance
Aerobic & Anaerobic Conditioning
Flexibility & Mobility
Muscle Gain & Fat Loss
Movement Efficiency
Better Balance
Agility & Coordination

Our Methodology

We emphasize on training the body to move more efficiently by focusing on exercises that develop and improve the foundational pillars of movement. Strength & conditioning programs that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, using progressive resistance to accommodate individual progress, and educating on injury prevention using proper movement techniques.

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About Frank

Frank Rodriguez is a personal trainer certified with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a top training organization in the US. Frank has been a trainer for over 10 years, working with recreational & competitive athletes and everyday people in New York, Florida, Prague and Lausanne.

Frank’s philosophy is mainly based on the following principles:

  • evidence-based strength & conditioning training
  • total body strength & conditioning training which emphasizes multi-planar compound movements
  • correct movement is key to maximizing performance and preventing injury, and therefore places strong emphasis on teaching proper alignment and technique
  • although training is a key element of overall fitness, it needs to be accompanied by proper nutrition, rest & recovery
  • that intelligent training goes beyond building muscle and losing fat, it also improves movement efficiency helping you perform your daily activities better


12 Sessions
130 CHF Per Session
Total 1,560 CHF

24 Sessions
120 CHF Per Session
Total 2,880 CHF

30 Sessions
114 CHF Per Session
Total 3,420 CHF


12 sessions
168 CHF Per Session
84 CHF Per Person
Total 2,016 CHF

24 sessions
156 CHF Per Session
78 CHF Per Person
Total 3,744 CHF

30 Sessions
150 CHF Per Session
75 CHF Per Person
Total 4,500 CHF


12 sessions
204 CHF Per Session
68 CHF Per Person
Total 2,448 CHF

24 sessions
195 CHF Per Session
65 CHF Per Person
Total 4,680 CHF

30 Sessions
189 CHF Per Session
63 CHF Per Person
Total 5,670 CHF


12 sessions
244 CHF Per Session
61 Per Person
Total 2,928 CHF

24 sessions
232 CHF Per Session
58 Per Person
Total 5,568 CHF

30 Sessions
224 CHF Per Session
56 Per Person
Total 6,720 CHF

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